Financial Planning

Why do I need a financial plan?

There’s only one way to stop worrying about money and that’s to know what’s coming in, what’s being spent and how much is being saved. That’s why you need a personalized financial plan. It’s the foundation for everything we do at Simply Money Advisors and we’ll create one just for you. You're unique and your financial plan should be as well. Your personalized financial plan will provide you with the actionable steps needed to live the way you want today, while setting yourself up for a secure and sustainable lifestyle tomorrow.

Simply Money Advisors Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

At your first meeting, you’ll be introduced to team members who will educate you on everything you need to know about Simply Money Advisors. Make sure to come with questions, they’ll be happy to answer. This meeting is not about selling you anything. It’s to share a learning process and to find out about you. We want to know your expectations. Then, together, we’ll begin the financial planning process. Just be ready. There’s some work to do gathering documents and pulling together a current budget. Don’t worry, though. We’ll make this process as simple, and educational as possible. We promise you’ll learn a lot about yourself and discover the important goals you have for your family’s future.


Step 2: Financial Plan Presentation

Once you’ve gathered the information needed, multiple members of the Simply Money Advisors team will create your personalized financial plan. Then, together, we’ll review your current financial life and outline your plans for the future. We’ll look at your income and get your feelings about investment risk. We’ll then explain the choices we have going forward together. Your personalized financial plan will show you the potential for your money’s growth and you’ll gain an understanding of what you’ll need to save (and how to save it ) helping to make your life’s financial goals a reality.


Step 3: Partnering

This is where we come together as a team. We’ll carefully look at all the paperwork, including your personalized financial plan and with a few signatures, our partnership is official. We’ll talk more about your expectations and introduce you to the other Simply Money Advisors’ team members you haven’t met. Then we’ll talk about the next steps toward getting your financial plan working for you.


The Simply Money Point.

Simply Money Advisors is your trusted financial planning partner and retirement specialist. Contact us for your personalized financial plan.

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