Investment Philosophy

Our Investment in You.

We have an investment philosophy to help make your money grow, while also trying to keep it safe and protect it, with a trusted, disciplined investment process focused on steady results and market opportunities for your, financial future.

A "Core-Satellite" approach to investing

When it comes to your investments, Simply Money Advisors believes there must be a strategic investment mix to help you achieve the money goals in your personalized financial plan.  We've broken down your investments into two parts.  The "Core" portion is investments that have historically shown long-term steady results, and it's designed to help protect your money.  The "Satellite" portion of your investment mix is meant to take advantage of opportunities we may see in today's market.  This is to help your money grow



Your Investment Team

Having a trusted team of investment professionals managing your money provides the experience on the best way to invest your money according to your personalized financial plan. They watch and study the economy and financial markets, helping to protect your money and make it grow. The Simply Money Advisors’ independent Investment Committee works directly with our economic advisory board (outside economic advisors) who provide insightful and unique perspectives on the markets and the effects on your investments. Thousands of families have put their trust in our Investment Committee and economic advisory board; many of its members holding advanced degrees such as PhD, CFA®, MBA, MS, or CFP®. At Simply Money Advisors, you’re not dealing with just one person making decisions on your money, you’re partnering with an entire team – another Simply Money Advisors difference and benefit for you.

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Benefits of ETFs in Your Investment Mix

When combining both the "Core" and "Satellite" into the investment mix for your personalized financial plan, Simply Money Advisors believes in using investments that will help protect and grow your money. While we may consider other investment options at some point, we believe exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a better way to achieve the goals in your personalized financial plan.  ETFs are funds that hold a collection of assets and trade like a stock.  ETFs are a low-cost and tax efficient way to invest your money.  And when lost-cost investments perform well, investors like you keep more of what you earn.


The Simply Money Point.

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