Same Company. New Name!


A special message from Nathan Bachrach



Why are you changing your name to Allworth Financial?

Because 25 years ago, our firm was almost entirely comprised of Nathan Bachrach and Ed Finke. And what Nathan and Ed mainly focused on was advising clients about retirement planning and how to invest savings.

But the fact is, that retirement planning is no longer simply about money. And because of that, we’ve grown and added services as the needs of our clients have evolved.

And that’s why, on April 29th, we’re proudly changing our name to Allworth Financial.

Today’s modern version of retirement has become more complex and comprehensive, encompassing healthcare planning, estate considerations, tax planning, and even education that helps people transition socially into this new stage of life.  

In fact, looking ahead, because we’re going to add even more tools, services, and resources to serve you better, we came to understand that we needed a “name-umbrella” that better described not only who we’re becoming, but something that will be meaningful 100 years from now.

Because, at the end of the day, all aspects of your financial life are worth planning for.

Are Nathan and Ed still with the company?

As you may have heard, Ed recently retired! He “talked the talk” about retirement planning for so long, and we’re so excited he now gets to “walk the walk.” He’s fully enjoying his newfound free time with his family, especially his granddaughter, Nova.

Nathan is still very much involved with the company on a day-to-day basis. And of course, he’s still co-hosting the Simply Money radio show with Amy Wagner.

We’re still the same client-first firm that Nathan and Ed founded 25 years ago, run by the same people, we’ll just be offering more services.

I’m a client: How does this affect me?

Aside from some new services that could benefit you, it shouldn’t affect you at all.

You’ll have the same advisor, the same personalized service, the same meeting location, the same everything.

This is about matching our name with the many additional services we plan to provide.

The fact is, that when it comes to your savings, investing and planning, if it helps you retire well and thrive, we’re almost certainly evaluating a way to add to that service.

Additionally, we’re accelerating the rate and breadth of the educational materials we offer to include more information on things like healthcare and estate planning, just to name two.

Will I still have the same advisor?


Your advisor, the people you work with, the high-level of personalized service you receive, these things are not going to change.

We’re proud of the way we do business and we appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us. We want you to stay a client of Allworth Financial for the rest of your life.

Only the name of the company has changed.

Want to learn more?

Want to get a sneak preview of the new Allworth Financial? Check out the new website we’re working on.